Heavy-duty Oil & Fluid Repair Services in Tyler, TX

Keeping your heavy-duty truck's oils and fluids in peak condition is integral to your performance on the road. Failure to maintain these can grind your operations to a halt. When you choose an oil and fluid service from our team in Tyler, TX, you're choosing quality, reliability, and efficiency.

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How Long Can You Go Without an Oil Change?

In heavy-duty diesel engines, delaying an oil change for more than 10,000 miles can lead to significant wear and tear, compromising the engine's performance and longevity.

Causes of Fluid and Oil Failure in Heavy-Duty Trucks

Being aware of what causes your truck's oil and fluids to break down and stop working is the first step to preventing major repairs and ensuring your truck's longevity. Be aware of the following: 

Contamination: Contaminants like dirt, water, and soot can infiltrate oil and fluids, causing corrosion and damage to engine components.

Overheating: Excessive heat can break down oil and fluids, diminishing their lubricating and cooling abilities, leading to engine overheating.

Leakages: Oil or fluid leaks, often due to failed seals or gaskets, can lead to low levels and insufficient lubrication or cooling.

Inadequate Maintenance: Skipping regular checks and changes of oil and fluids can lead to accumulated contaminants and degraded performance.

Use of Incompatible Products: Using the wrong type or grade of oil or fluid can cause adverse chemical reactions and damage to engine parts.

Age and Wear: Over time, oil and fluids lose their effectiveness and require timely replacements to maintain engine health.

Improper Filtration: A failing or clogged filter can't remove contaminants effectively, leading to dirty oil or fluid circulating in the system.

Truck Oil Change in Tyler, TX

Regular oil changes are vital for the health of your truck's engine. At Hex 6 Diesel Services, we offer comprehensive oil and fluid services tailored to the specific needs of your heavy-duty truck. We ensure your vehicle operates at peak efficiency, reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

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Types of Vehicles We Work On 

Our highly skilled team is also able to carry out oil and fluid service on a range of on- and off-highway vehicles, including: 

  • Oil and gas industry equipment 
  • Agriculture equipment 
  • Municipality vehicles 
  • Heavy equipment
  • Commercial on-highway trucks, trailers and tankers
  • RVs and buses
  • Diesel trucks

Areas Also Serve For Oil and Fluid Service in Texas

As well as Tyler, TX, we also proudly bring our oil and fluid service to the following surrounding areas, Longview, TX, Kilgore, TX, Jacksonville, TX, Henderson, TX, Athens, TX, Palestine, TX, Sulphur Springs, TX, Marshall, TX, Nacogdoches, TX, Lufkin, TX, Corsicana, TX, Dallas, TX, Plano, TX, Garland, TX, Mesquite, TX, Terrell, TX, Greenville, TX, Mount Pleasant, TX, and Paris, TX.


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I can't say enough about these guys when it comes to their customer service! From our first meeting I was told we want all of your business. Hex has proven time and again they meant that statement and as such they get all of our business.  Keep up the great work guys.
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Hex-6 has been a great place for us. They communicate well during the repair process. They have great rates and are great at their turn around. We will continue to use Hex-6 as our go-to for repairs on our trucks!
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Professional and Punctual are the first 2 words that come to mind. Gary is very thorough and he has been able to get to our repairs in a timely manner. We will continue to use Hex6.
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