Heavy-duty Engine Repair, Rebuild, Overhaul, and Conversion Repair Services in Tyler, TX

Struggling with diesel engine problems? Hex 6 Diesel Services in Tyler, TX, is your solution for expert engine repairs, rebuilds, overhauls, and conversions. We ensure your heavy-duty vehicles are always road-ready.

Diesel mechanic performing engine repair on a semi truck in Tyler, TX

What Is the Lifespan of a Diesel Engine?

Typically, a well-maintained diesel engine can last between 500,000 and 1,000,000 miles. However, it is possible to extend its longevity with a range of factors, including regular maintenance, quality of parts, and operating conditions.

Signs of Engine Failure

To ensure your diesel engine's performance on the road, it's crucial to recognize the signs of engine failure. Identifying these symptoms early can help prevent extended downtime further down the road. Be on the lookout for:

Excessive Smoke: Different smoke colors can indicate various issues. Black smoke often points to incomplete combustion, while blue smoke suggests oil burning in the combustion chamber.

Unusual Noises: Knocking or rattling sounds can signify issues within the engine’s internal components.

Loss of Power: A gradual loss of power, especially under load, can indicate compression issues or other internal problems.

Poor Fuel Economy: A sudden decrease in fuel efficiency can be a telltale sign of engine troubles.

Engine Overheating: Persistent overheating might signal a malfunction in the cooling system or internal engine damage.

Oil Leaks: Oil spots under your truck could indicate a leak, which can lead to low oil pressure and engine damage.

Difficulty Starting: Persistent hard starts or irregular running could be a symptom of compression or fuel delivery issues.

Diesel Engine Repair in Tyler, TX

At Hex 6 Diesel Services, we understand the complexities of heavy-duty diesel engines. Our team of expert mechanics is equipped to diagnose and repair various engine issues, ensuring your vehicle operates efficiently and reliably. We pride ourselves on our detailed approach, using only high-quality parts and the latest diagnostic tools.

Whether your truck requires minor repairs or a complete engine overhaul, Hex 6 Diesel Services is your go-to destination in Tyler, TX. We specialize in engine rebuilds, overhauls, and even conversions, tailoring our services to meet your specific needs.

Types of Vehicles We Work On 

Our highly skilled team is also able to carry out engine repairs on a range of on- and off-highway vehicles, including: 

  • Oil and gas industry equipment 
  • Agriculture equipment 
  • Municipality vehicles 
  • Heavy equipment
  • Commercial on-highway trucks, trailers and tankers
  • RVs and buses
  • Diesel trucks

Areas Also Serve For Engine Repairs in Texas

As well as Tyler, TX, we also proudly bring our engine repair service to the following surrounding areas, Longview, TX, Kilgore, TX, Jacksonville, TX, Henderson, TX, Athens, TX, Palestine, TX, Sulphur Springs, TX, Marshall, TX, Nacogdoches, TX, Lufkin, TX, Corsicana, TX, Dallas, TX, Plano, TX, Garland, TX, Mesquite, TX, Terrell, TX, Greenville, TX, Mount Pleasant, TX, and Paris, TX.


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Hex 6 provides a wide range of heavy-duty truck and equipment repair services from axle & brake repairs, to diesel engine repairs & rebuilds. Our expertise extends to heavy machinery, such as agricultural equipment repair & more! Get in touch today to schedule service or for more information.

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I can't say enough about these guys when it comes to their customer service! From our first meeting I was told we want all of your business. Hex has proven time and again they meant that statement and as such they get all of our business.  Keep up the great work guys.
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Rich Herman

Hex-6 has been a great place for us. They communicate well during the repair process. They have great rates and are great at their turn around. We will continue to use Hex-6 as our go-to for repairs on our trucks!
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Karey Woods

Professional and Punctual are the first 2 words that come to mind. Gary is very thorough and he has been able to get to our repairs in a timely manner. We will continue to use Hex6.
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