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Diesel Mechanic Services in Texas

Hex 6 Diesel Services is dedicated to providing excellent repair and preventative maintenance to on-highway and off-highway diesel mechanic services throughout Texas. 

We strive to offer top notch  customer service, quality and timely repairs, and customer satisfaction. Hex 6 strives for excellence in every repair and maintenance request. 


Learn more about our comprehensive diesel mechanic services below:

Our Diesel Repair Services


HVAC System

HVAC systems in diesel trucks and equipment play a vital role in ensuring the comfort and safety of the driver. They maintain the temperature inside the cab, as well as removing excess mositure and polutants.


Driveline Repair and Maintenance

From general driveline service to catastrophic failure repairs, our certified diesel mechanics are driveline experts.


Axle Repair

The safety and reliability of your vehicle is our top priority. We know downtime for equipment costs you money. We partner with you to determine the best maintenance plan.


DOT Inspections and Preventative Maintenance

The safety and reliability of your vehicle is our top priority. Our licensed technicians will keep you compliant with Texas' DOT, driving safely, and get you back to work quickly.


Diagnostics and Electrical

We have a systematic approach to diagnostics that gets us to the root of a problem quickly. Whether we're dealing with complex issues or something simple, we have a set of procedures we follow to ensure we’re always improving.


Heavy Duty Overhaul, Repair, Rebuild and Conversion

When it comes to diesel engines, the mechanics at Hex 6 Diesel Services are the go-to choice for repair, rebuild, and conversion services. 



Regular wear and tear on your suspension makes it hard to get where you need to go and puts the integrity of your vehicle at risk. We get you aligned and back on the road with little downtime.

Brakes Inspection

Brake Repair

When it comes to maintaining the brake system of diesel equipment, trust Hex 6. 


Transmission and Clutch

While clutch designs vary depending on light, medium, or heavy-duty applications, they all break down and get worn eventually. Getting them serviced regularly keeps you safe and secure on the road.

Engine Work

Coolant System

A coolant system is responsible for removing heat from the engine and regulating the engine's temperature.

Refueling a Car


The EGR and DPF play important roles in reducing emissions. These systems need regular maintenance to ensure they are functioning properly and to avoid costly breakdowns.  

Engine Work

Exhaust System Repair

The exhaust system of a diesel truck is crucial for the proper functioning and performance of the vehicle. It is responsible for controlling emissions, as well as improving engine efficiency.

Large Oil Truck
Utility Tractor
Big Tyres

Oil and Fluid

Hydraulics and Cylinders


One of the most important aspects of maintaining a diesel engine is ensuring that the oil and fluid systems are in top condition

Hex 6 can support your hose needs and hydraulic cylinder repairs. 

Hex 6 offers monthly and daily parking. 


Hex 6 is more than a name. 

Hex 6 is our brand, our commitment to quality repairs and customer satisfaction. 

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