Heavy-duty EGR & DPF Repair Services in Tyler, TX

Keep your diesel engines running smoothly and cleanly with Hex 6 Diesel Services. Specializing in EGR and DPF repairs, our Tyler, TX, team ensures that your heavy-duty vehicles meet performance and emission standards with ease and expertise.

Diesel mechanic performing EGR & DPF services in Tyler, TX

EGR Systems

Signs of EGR Failure

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) systems are crucial for reducing NOx emissions. However, they can fail due to several reasons:

Clogging: The EGR valve can become clogged with soot and carbon deposits, leading to poor engine performance and increased emissions.

Sticking Valve: A sticking EGR valve, either open or closed, disrupts the flow of exhaust gases, affecting the engine's air-fuel balance.

Sensor Malfunction: EGR sensors can fail, sending incorrect data to the engine control unit and causing efficiency and performance issues.

EGR Repairs Process

Effective EGR repairs involve:

Valve Cleaning/Replacement: We meticulously clean or replace the EGR valve, ensuring unobstructed exhaust gas flow.

Sensor Checks and Replacement: Our mechanics test and, if necessary, replace faulty EGR sensors to maintain accurate control.

System Inspection and Maintenance: We conduct a thorough inspection and maintenance of the entire EGR system to prevent future failures.

DPF Systems

Signs of DPF Failure

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) trap soot from exhaust gases. Failure signs include:

Decreased Fuel Efficiency: A clogged DPF forces the engine to work harder, reducing fuel efficiency.

Increased Oil Consumption: Blocked DPFs can lead to increased oil consumption and potential engine damage.

Warning Lights: The DPF warning light indicates a need for immediate attention to prevent further complications.

DPF Repairs Process

Our DPF repair services include:

Deep Cleans: We perform thorough deep cleans to remove soot and ash build-up in the DPF.

Forced Regeneration: In cases of severe clogging, we conduct forced regeneration to burn off excess particulate matter.

DPF Replacement: When necessary, we provide expert DPF replacement services to ensure optimal vehicle performance.

Truck After-treatment Repair in Tyler, TX

Hex 6 Diesel Services doesn't just fix problems; we provide comprehensive after-treatment solutions for your heavy-duty trucks. Our expert mechanics in Tyler, TX, are equipped to handle all aspects of EGR and DPF system repairs, ensuring your vehicle operates at peak efficiency and complies with emission standards.

Types of Vehicles We Work On 

Our highly skilled team is also able to carry out EGR and DPF repairs on a range of on- and off-highway vehicles, including: 

  • Oil and gas industry equipment 
  • Agriculture equipment 
  • Municipality vehicles 
  • Heavy equipment
  • Commercial on-highway trucks, trailers and tankers
  • RVs and buses
  • Diesel trucks

Areas Also Serve For EGR and DPF Repairs in Texas

As well as Tyler, TX, we also proudly bring our EGR and DPF repair service to the following surrounding areas, Longview, TX, Kilgore, TX, Jacksonville, TX, Henderson, TX, Athens, TX, Palestine, TX, Sulphur Springs, TX, Marshall, TX, Nacogdoches, TX, Lufkin, TX, Corsicana, TX, Dallas, TX, Plano, TX, Garland, TX, Mesquite, TX, Terrell, TX, Greenville, TX, Mount Pleasant, TX, and Paris, TX.


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I can't say enough about these guys when it comes to their customer service! From our first meeting I was told we want all of your business. Hex has proven time and again they meant that statement and as such they get all of our business.  Keep up the great work guys.
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Hex-6 has been a great place for us. They communicate well during the repair process. They have great rates and are great at their turn around. We will continue to use Hex-6 as our go-to for repairs on our trucks!
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Professional and Punctual are the first 2 words that come to mind. Gary is very thorough and he has been able to get to our repairs in a timely manner. We will continue to use Hex6.
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